Pieter Athmer writes for film, theatre and television.

In september 2016 I wrote the script for a 48 Hour Film Project film called Aard (‘Nature’): you can watch it below.

I was one of the writers on the popular television series SpangaS for two seasons, airing on national television between 2014 and 2016.

My debut as a screenwriter for the cinema, the pre-teen film Spangas in Actie, based on the same television series, was shown in cinemas across the Netherlands in 2015. I was awarded a Golden Pen Award for this by the Dutch Screenwriters Guild.

For the theatre I have written several plays that I have directed myself, including King of Games with the Rotterdam Philharmonic in 2014 and To Turn Up, or Not To Turn Up, a spoof ode to William Shakespeare with a cast including opera singer Ernst Daniël Smid, in 2015. I have written a few monologues for the theatre, and am happy to do that more often…

I have written lines and lyrics for various (Dutch) artists. I worked with DJ Armin van Buuren on his show Armin Only Intense, with Holiday on Ice for their Platinum tour of France and Germany, and with comedian Tijl Beckand for his popular TV show on classical music.

I also translate English language plays into Dutch, as well as Dutch (theatre) texts into English.

48 Hour Film Project


A film by team Hustle Creatives for the 48 Hour Film Project Utrecht 2016.

Award won for Best Actor (Harm Duco Schut).

Genre: Fabel
Character: Christine de Ruiter – partyplanner
Prop: Piggy Bank
Line: Magie is alleen op uitnodiging (Magic comes by invitation only).

Christine de Ruiter – Mirjam Stolwijk
Sanne – Barbara Sloesen
Hugo – Harm Duco Schut
Juan – Keanu Visscher
Arnie – Joshua Albano

Director: Thijs Tuijt
Screenwriter: Pieter Athmer
Concept: Benny Stroet – Lou van Liebergen – Jos Goossens – Ruud Vonk – Pieter Athmer – Thijs Tuijt
D.O.P.: Maxime van der Maesen
1st A.C.: Daan Hettinga
Edit & Grading: Remco Lok
Assistent Director: Ruud Vonk
Casting: Benny Stroet – Favor Talents
Gaffer: Denny Schoute
Licht assistentie: Erwin Smit – Niels Zonnenberg
Audio & Sound Design: Benny Bos – Jurgen van Harskamp – Marvey Izijk Soundtrack: Jurgen van Harskamp
Art Direction: Vera Kuipers
Makeup: Maaike Hofman
Graphic design and set Photography: Martin Hols
Executive Producer: Maarten Vink
Producers: Gijsbrecht den Engelse – Naomi van Ree – Quirine Hanssen – Sharon van der Voet
First AD: Lou van Liebergen


			Film Poster
Spangas in Actie

Screenwriter (with Jop de Vries) for film based on the TV series. Shown in over a hundred cinemas in the Netherlands during the summer of 2015.
Watch the trailer.

Screenwriting television

Spangas TV series, season 8 and 9

One of the team of seven writers for season 8 and 9 of the very popular series SpangaS. Set in a secondary school, the series aims at an audience of primary school children. Aired daily to a huge following, season 9 was shown between august 2015 and june 2016.

Translations from Dutch » English


Original Dutch musical Petticoat, including eighteen songs, translated into English in 2011 as How Many like Penny?

Written by André Breedland (script) and Henny Vrienten (music).
Translation commissioned by Stage Entertainment.


Countless case studies (2005-2011) for international advertising award shows, such as Cannes, for Indie Amsterdam. Translation of the Nike/Anton Corbijn book New Masters 2012 for …Staat agency.

Text editing

De Tiende van Tijl

Editor and writer for “Tijl’s Tenth”. Popular tv show about classical music.

For three seasons, broadcast on national television 2012-2015.

Translations from English » Dutch

August, Osage County

American smash hit play by Tracy Letts translated with Ger Apeldoorn for De Utrechtse Spelen. Sold out national tour in 2010.
The same translation is used regularly by theatre groups across the country.


English play by Jez Butterworth, translated and adapted to Dutch, commisioned by De Utrechtse Spelen in 2012. Production cancelled due to changes in management. Awaits a new producer.

Script writing


Presentation of new theatre company De Utrechtse Spelen in 2009. Opening scene, heard by the audience through headphones. They were welcomed and gradually led to their seats in the theatre. There, two stories were told simultaneously by two actors on stage; the women in the audience heard one story, the men the other. In the end the two stories came together, resulting in a mass group hug…

Actors: Ronald Giphart and Nelly Frijda. Idea, script and direction: Pieter Athmer.

Daan and the Wormsnouts

Children’s play about a girl who falls into a hole in the ground and meets the Wormsnouts, two clumsy but friendly subterranean creatures who are in charge of the growing of grass all over the world. A funny musical adventure, in which the three new friends manage to save the planet…

Ideas, music and costumes by Harry and Gerry Arling. Script and direction by Pieter Athmer. National tour 2007.


“The theatre is my first love, and I will be drawn to it for as long as I live. Not necessarily to go and watch, but to play: to create. With actors, musicians, dancers, technicians and other such poets.”

Musical Comedy

To be There or Not to be There (that is the question)

Musical comedy in a circus tent celebrating the (almost) 400th anniversary of the passing of William Shakespeare, with a fabulous cast led by opera singer and musical star Ernst Daniël Smid.
Toured with the Parade festival in 2015.

Musical Comedy

Scott and Muriel's B!G SHOW (with Joe)

Wordless show about a clumsy magician ‘Scott’ who accidentally brings his dummy assistant Muriel to life. She teams up with the magicians’s abused technician Joe to take over the show. Slapstick and amazing ‘accidental’ magic, and a four man band on stage. Toured large theatres in the Netherlands and Germany for 3 years from 2004. Probably my best work in theatre so far.

Band leader: Kino Haitsma, set: Marlies Schot, costumes: Bettina Weller, lighting: Wim Dresens, script and direction: Pieter Athmer.

Musical Theatre

Ensemble Caméléon

Two productions with this string ensemble in cooperation with poet and performer Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer:

The Poet (2004) a new Mozart opera for soprano and poet, made up of music taken from the Del Ponte operas and a newly written libretto bij Pfeijffer.
(Soprano: Renate Arends, poet: Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)
Trapeze (2005) a circus production without circus acts, but with commisioned compositions from leading composers. Inspired by Prokovief’s Trapeze quintet, with imagery by Vincent de Rooij. (Master of Ceremonies: Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)

Life is a Cabaret

Musical play on the life of Judy Garland and her daughter Liza Minell.
Produced by American Songbook Productions, 2004. Actors: Frédérique Sluyterman van Loo and Heddy Lester. Script by Lydia Rood, musical arrangements by Bob Zimmerman, choreography Glenn van der Hoff, set design Michel Spekreijse, costumes by Mirjam Grote Gansey, lighting by Wim Dresens, direction Pieter Athmer.

Comedy and Improv

The Gentleman Entertainer

One man theatre show by television presenter and improv star Tijl Beckand.
A mix of standup comedy and improv, including an African ritual , a talkshow with unsuspecting members of the audience, and the whole audience singing Beethoven’s Ninth.

National tour 2010-2012.
Set design: Mirjam Grote Gansey, lighting Marc Heinz, direction Pieter Athmer.

Club Melchior

Improv show embedded in a story. Ruben Nicolai, Ruben van der Meer and Tijl Beckand star as themselves in the future, when they are old and fat and running an iffy Nightclub. National tour 2009-2010.

Big events

Friesian Horse Show

Opening show for a large equestrian centre in Friesland. First performance in the presence of H.M. queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, august 2001.
An hour long variety performance showing more than 80 Friesian thoroughbreds, musicans, actors, a local choir and a dog.

Produced by Jelle Snijder, costume design by Roos van Geffen, script and direction by Pieter Athmer.


Heist of Beauty

An attempt to create a moment of tranquility for the shoppers on a sunday afternoon in Rotterdam with a Heist of Beauty in 2006. This guerilla dance performance was executed seven times at different locations in the city centre.

Idea and direction: Pieter Athmer, choreography: Conny Janssen, dancers: Conny Janssen Danst. Made with the help of Roos van Geffen, klarinet player David Kweksilber and thanks to the support of Rob Wiegman of the Luxor Theatre. Filmed and edited by René Hazekamp.